Gum Disease: 5 Easy Bad Breath Solutions

Are You Self-Conscious About Your Bad Breath? We Can Help with Bad Breath Solutions in Encino, California!

What Causes Bad Breath?

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Poor Oral Hygiene | The first step to avoiding bad breath is removing bacteria and plaque from your mouth each day with brushing and flossing. It’s also important to thoroughly clean your tongue while you brush!

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay | Bacterial infections and tooth decay can create a bad odor in the mouth. Professional treatment is the only way to stop gum disease or decay. Gum disease is serious and can often worsen and lead to serious issues, including bone and tooth loss.

Food | Eating the same strong smelling foods everyday may give you chronic bad breath. Cheese, spices, fish, onions, garlic, and other strong foods must be fully processed by the body before the bad breath goes away completely. Mints and mouthwash can only do so much.

Health Problems and Medications | Sometimes a symptom of illness or disease elsewhere in the body can manifest as bad breath and so can the medications prescribed to treat the illness. If you have organ disease, sinus problems, lung infections, diabetes, and other health problems, or are taking medications for any type of ailment, speak with your medical doctor about halitosis.

Tobacco | Tobacco smoke and chew causes bad breath and can be deadly. If you use tobacco and need help quitting, we can assist you.

Dehydration | Not drinking enough fluid during the day can cause halitosis. Keep oral tissue moist with a lot of water and other healthy drinks.

Easy Bad Breath Solutions

You can incorporate a few tried and true methods for maintaining your bad breath. Take a look at some of our suggestions below:

  • Oral Hygiene: Practice good oral hygiene by brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and flossing regularly.
  • Make an Appointment with Your Dentist: Have your teeth professionally cleaned according to your treatment plan with your dentist.
  • Avoid Bad Habits: Stop smoking or chewing tobacco-based products.
  • Get Saliva Flowing: Stimulate saliva flow in the mouth by drinking lots of water, chewing gum, or sucking on sugar-free candy.
  • Watch out for Strong-Smelling Foods: Maintain a food log to identify any foods with strong odors that could be causing your breath to smell worse.

Getting Help for Halitosis in Encino, CA

When all efforts to stop halitosis—or bad breath—fail, you may be dealing with a more significant problem, such as periodontal disease. Getting a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for halitosis in Encino, CA, with Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi is an excellent next step to take.

Learn What You Can Do To Fix Your Bad Breath Today

Living with bad breath is uncomfortable for you and the people you interact with. It’s not fun or enjoyable to be worrying about whether or not your breath stinks day in and day out. Dr. Penhaskashi has helped countless patients with halitosis in Encino, CA—he can help you too! Call now for your private consultation.

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