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Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi, widely thought of by his patients as the best periodontist in Southern California, devotes his time and energy to providing comprehensive, high-end treatment with an emphasis in cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge on all subjects relating to the world of dentistry. Our team’s goals are your own: to provide you with a healthy, beautiful smile and excellent overall oral health. This goes hand-in-hand with our unique emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship. We focus on providing quality one-on-one care designed to make the patient feel comfortable, at ease, and informed about your oral health.

Giving You a Beautiful Smile

Dr. Penhaskashi embodies the belief that dentistry is a form of art. He has a deep, abiding sense of how to sculpt, form, and create the smile you’ve always wanted. Our comprehensive practice offers the full spectrum of treatments that can help us create your perfect smile.

Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS

From patient care and staff support to his commitment to dental community education, Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi, or “Dr. P.,” stands firm on his belief that health and wellness start with clear communication and compassionate patient care. Educated at the California dynamic duo, UCLA (D.D.S. dental surgery degree) and USC (specialty degrees in periodontics and implantology), Dr. P. has been a professor, speaker, and alumni president. In addition, Dr Penhaskashi was involved with the Dental Society board as an active member and chair of the continuing education program. Plus, he’s been a dental community innovator during the COVID-19 crisis by creating The Dental Hour with Dr. P plus The Hygiene Hour to inform, inspire, and support the dental community in its time of greatest need. Meet Dr. Penhaskashi

Why Trust Your Care to Dr. P

Video testimonial from Dr. Eric Shapiro-General Dentist“He treats patients the way I like to treat my patients. This office is an extension of my office”
Video testimonial from Dr. Olivia Cajulis-General Dentist“I can trust him with my patient care”
Video Testimonial from Dr. Sarah Phillips-General Dentist“He’s part of my team.. it’s just an extension of me.”
Video testimonial from Dr. Bruce Beard-General Dentist“He’s created a culture of caring and commitment to excellence”
A periodontist is the kind of dentist that can help you maintain a healthy smile. Why? Because periodontists focus their efforts and energy on building and creating the healthiest smile from the inside out.

More Than a Beautiful Smile

Having the perfect smile on a surface-level isn’t going to mean much if it’s rotting and diseased on the inside. Through the aid and expertise of a periodontist, your smile can look more beautiful, feel stronger, and be healthier than ever before.  

Providing First Class Oral Reconstructive Surgery in Encino, CA

Alfred Penhaskashi, DDS, is a reputable periodontist in Encino, CA, who specializes in state-of-the-art implant dentistry and a wide scope of periodontal gum surgery. Other dentists trust and refer to Dr. Penhaskashi and our staff to consistently provide patients with modern, customized treatment plans. Our specially designed cosmetic procedures can yield healthier, more attractive smiles and an improved quality of life.    

Dental Implants for Missing teeth

Your high-quality dental implants in Encino, CA, with Dr. Penhaskashi can be a life-changing experience. A permanent, authentic looking smile can be yours with dental implants, which are created to look and feel like real teeth. You can enjoy a beautiful smile and functional teeth that allow you to eat and speak without worry. Implants act like tooth roots to maintain good bone density in the jaw, which keeps existing teeth stable and facial muscles firm. Dental implants look remarkably real, feel real, and function just like a normal tooth would. Learn more here…    

X-Guide® Surgical System

The industry-leading X-Guide® surgical system paired with Cone Beam 3D imaging allows us to provide our patients with the most accurate implant surgery. With X-Guide Navigated surgery, we have live, 3D views of anatomy that allow us to place the implant with precision. Thanks to this advanced technology, our control over the entire implant process is elevated.

Gentle Laser Surgery for Gum Disease Clears Bacteria and Saves Teeth

The LANAP® laser protocol with Dr. Penhaskashi takes the fear and discomfort out of gum disease treatment. LANAP® treatment is a safe, FDA cleared way to gently treat bacterial infections with outstanding accuracy and efficiency. You won’t need any cutting or sutures. In just one comfortable office visit, you can have healthier teeth and gums with minimal bleeding and inflammation, as well as a speedy recovery. LANAP® laser treatment even stimulates bone growth in your jaw to help rebuild the foundation existing teeth require to survive. The benefits of laser treatment are incomparable. Learn more here…

Minimally Invasive Gum Surgery

Dr. Penhaskashi is one of few periodontists in Encino, CA, that is fully trained and certified to offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique™. This is a faster, minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting.

Advanced Dental Techniques for Optimal Results

Repairing gum recession is made easier with special, patented tools and technology that can be used to create a more attractive and healthier gum line without any sutures or transplanting. Enjoy remarkable results in one office visit. Learn more here…    

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For expert, full scope periodontics with the best periodontist in Southern California, including laser dentistry, cosmetic periodontal surgery, and dental implants in Encino, CA, patients and referring dentists trust Dr. Penhaskashi and West Valley Implant Dental Practice. Come visit us soon!  

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What Our Patients Say

I have always been a fearful patient. The entire staff is calming and helpful. I will never go elsewhere. So glad I found Dr. Penhaskashi and his staff!

Bill M. - Implants, Bone Graft, Scale and Root Planing

First I have to say that I never do reviews. This is my first and probably only review that I will ever do for anyone. I am a boomer and not used to sharing with the whole world my thoughts. But this one review is worth doing. Dr Penhaskashi is worth it. I will not go into detail only to say his care, his office staff his competence, his health and safety protocols are worth this rave review. Thank you.

Donna L. - Osseous Surgery

I saw Dr. Penhaskashi for a crown lengthening and have never been happier with a Dentist. His office is clean, his staff is friendly and he’s an informative and caring Dentist. I have a lot of anxiety in regards to dental care, Dr. Penhaskashi and his team were welcoming and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. As someone who has bounced around dental work, I can’t recommend Dr. Penhaskashi any higher.

Jack H. - Crown Lengthening

Thank you Dr Penhaskashi for your patience and good manner in explaining the situation fully. You and your entire staff exemplified the ultimate in patient care.

George A. - Laser Treatment of Implant

Dr.P is the best, I had several Implants placed over the years but never had any complaints or issues with them. Dr.P and his staff are wonderful but Brooke, she’s amazing she will do all she can to make you happy and fit you in when you really need it. All in all they are a wonderful well rounded team. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OFFICE!

DM S. - Multiple Implants

Visiting Dr. P is like going to an amusement park. Everyone in the office is friendly, warm, welcoming and eager to give lots of information. The staff and the Dr are very efficient and clear as they prepare you and execute the procedure. Modern equipment, knowledgeable staff, courtesy all make the visit a great experience. When the Dr. takes you for a ride, he gives you everything he's got. When I leave, I am eager to return for more. They also check in with you to make sure you had a good experience and are healing well. Dr. P. would make anyone beg to go to a dentist.

David F. Crown Lengthening, Extraction, ridge preservation, Implant

I have been a patient of Dr P. for more then15 years.

I would not see another doctor nor any other dental hygienist.

the caring, the professionality, the empathy - its all priceless and flawless!

Ron L. - Osseous Surgery, Scale and Root planing , periodontal maintenance

Most professional and trustworthy doctor or dental office I’ve ever been to. Dr. Penhaskashi and all of his staff are super competent and friendly. Every year he adds something new technology wise to his practice which shows he is constantly trying to make his practice better and demonstrates he really cares about his patients.

Cynthia Z. - Soft Tissue Graft

I will never fear dental implants again. Dr Penhaskashi is an excellent and exceptional doctor, extremely knowledgeable and experienced in this very special form of dentistry. I experienced no pain nor bleeding, even the swelling was minimal. All instructions were easy to follow and I healed beautifully. Thank You Dr Penhaskashi!

Charlotte S. - Osseous Surgery, Ext, Ridge Preservation, Implant

Dr. Penhaskashi did a couple of gum grafts for me a few months ago and the results are fantastic! I went to my dentist to get a cleaning afterwards and she couldn’t even tell where the gum grafts were because they looked so perfect and normal. Dr. Penhaskashi and his staff provide superior care and will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Penhaskashi is the best!

Lisa F. - Soft Tissue Graft

Dr. Penhaskashi did a couple of gum grafts for me a few months ago and the results are fantastic! I went to my dentist to get a cleaning afterwards and she couldn’t even tell where the gum grafts were because they looked so perfect and normal. Dr. Penhaskashi and his staff provide superior care and will go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Penhaskashi is the best!

Lisa F. - Soft Tissue Graft

Dr. Penhaskashi is an excellent, caring periodontist, who heads an office that lives up to his high standards. The professional staff shows the same respect to each other at they show to the patients.

Cary B. - Extraction, Ridge Preservation, Multiple Implants

Dr. Penhaskashi did excellent work on my two implants done on the same day. When I arrived at the clinic I was apprehensive at first but the staff were very pleasant and friendly made me feel at ease. The procedure went smoothly. The following day I received a call from Dr. Penhaskashi checking up on my condition. I didn't have any complaints, no discomfort and no swelling around the implants a day after the procedure. Thank you doctor and staff for the great patient care.

Wally S. - Multiple Implants, Scale and Root Planing, Osseous Surgery

Dr. P is the absolute best! In credible professional and his staff is fabulous!

Neal E. - Extraction, Implants, Sinus Elevation, Osseous Surgery

Doctor Penhaskashi is amazing. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough. He is a well known doctor in the region. My dentist referred me to consult with him. He has also treated my mother. He is truly great at what he does.

He really spends time with his patients. He asks all the right questions to get to the bottom of the problem and then he offers solutions and options. He tells you exactly what you need to do and what is unnecessary to do. I appreciated his honesty and integrity in his work.

Hali A. (New patient experience -)

I am a patient of dr. Penhaskashi for many years , and I could not be pleased more then I am ! Everyone in the office are so caring , kind and understanding ! So professional and knowledgeable ! I would recommend it to anyone , who is looking for an excellent , simply the best specialists !!!

Tatiana K. Multiple Implants, Sinus Augmentation, Extraction, Ridge Preservation

I have always been a fearful patient. The entire staff is calming and helpful. I will never go elsewhere. So glad I found Dr. Penhaskashi and his staff!

Bill M. - Implants, Bone Graft, Scale and Root Planing

Wonderful experience which says a lot since like many I do not enjoy the dentist office and this is next level.

Mercle G. - Soft Tissue Graft, Frenectomy

I had laser gum surgery with Dr. Penhaskashi in August. Nice things:

experienced, knowledgeable, likeable periodontist and staff, no bleeding or pain post surgery, great dental maintenance instructions and follow-up, gum problems resolved. I recommend Dr. Penhaskashi!

Nancy G. - Laser Disinfection of Implants

I had a laser treatment today, I was very apprehensive prior to treatment however, I was worried about nothing it was painless. Post op I had no pain and no swelling which I was happy. I followed all the Post op Instructions.The office was set up and prepped to lessen my fears on the COVID-19 making everything comfortable. The staff was very professional and kind especially Jennifer. If I could give dr Penhaskashi ten stars I would. He explained what he was going to do in detail which I appreciated and all went very well.

Maxine A. Laser Disinfection of Implant, Implant Placement

See what our patients have to say on Google!

238 5 star reviews and counting. Here are some of the things our patients have to say about one of the best periodontists in Southern California!

Video testimonial from Mike M a male patient of Dr. Penhaskashi

Dental Implants

The gaps left by missing teeth can be filled and your smile restored beautifully through the implementation of dental implants. Dental implant restorations replace your full tooth, from root to crown, for a smile that supports your oral health while boosting your confidence!

Learn More

Video testimonial from Dahn B an African american female patient of dr. penhaskashi

Gum Recession Treatment

Your receding gums can be successfully treated with our recession treatment designed to build up existing tissue along your visible gumline. Using the Pinhole Surgical Technique, we can rejuvenate your gums to encourage growth. This helps lessen your sensitive teeth and lead to a healthier mouth.

Learn More

video testimonial from cary b a caucasian male patient of dr. penhaskashi

Laser Treatment

Procedures and treatments just got easier and faster thanks to our cutting-edge laser treatment technology. Dental lasers can help with many treatments in any part of your mouth—from your gums and teeth to your throat. Plus, they help those treatments go faster and smoother—all with less pain!

Learn More

video testimonial from naoum h a caucasian male patient of dr. penhaskashi


If you need to replace a full set of teeth, don’t settle for traditional dentures that can slip and cause discomfort. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept can replace a full arch of teeth with just 4–6 dental implants. The dentures will be anchored securely to your jaw, and your jawbone will stay healthy and supported.

Learn More

All on 4 video testimonial from Olivia t a caucasian female patient of dr. penhaskashi

Advanced Bone and Gum Reconstruction

Having good oral health includes having healthy gums and bone structure to support your beautiful teeth. We offer many advanced treatments to help reshape receding gums or rebuild your jawbone. This includes anything from gum rejuvenation and osseous surgery, to bone grafts and ridge preservation.

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Doing Good in our Dental Community!

video testimonial from dr. roya delafraz-general dentist

Above and Beyond

Video testimonial from dr. Gabe adorjan general dentist


video testimonial from dr. James lee general dentist

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Dr. Penhaskashi provides the most cutting-edge treatment with the latest technology in Periodontics, Laser Treatments, and Dental Implants!
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Dr. Penhaskashi

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