X-Nav Technology with Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi Provides for the Optimal Placement, Every Time!

When placing dental implants, it is imperative to have an accurate placement into the jaw to ensure both longevity and comfort.  For years, periodontists, oral surgeons, and other dental professionals have been using experience and archaic measurement techniques to maximize placement accuracy.  However, there is a new tool available utilized by Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi to optimize even the most difficult dental implant placement cases.

Introducing the X-Guide from X-Nav technologies.  X-guide from X-Nav allows for 3D images to be utilized through a computerized software for real time placement navigation data for the clinician, ensuring the most accurate placement possible based on available bone in each individual patient.

x-nav x-guide technology arm and logo

X-Guide from X-Nav used by Dr. Penhaskashi can assist in dental implant placement and optimal results for patients!

X-Guide uses special, moldable X-Clip impressions along with the clinicians existing 3D CBCT technology to produce a 3-dimensional image and allow the clinician to plan exactly where to place the dental implant before the procedure even starts.  Furthermore, the built-in technology of the special X-Clips detect the exact size of the tools used, allowing for interactive, guided navigation during surgery.  This feature, combined with Dr. Penhaskashi’s expertise and pre-planning, give patients optimal results the first time and a smile they can be proud of for a lifetime!

For more information about X-Nav Technologies used by Dr. Penhakshasi, visit www.x-navtech.com!  To make an appointment with Dr. P for your next dental implant procedure, call us at 818-788-7091!

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