X-Nav: A Revolutionary Full Arch Approach

X-Nav Technologies and Dental Implants

Dental implants have become a popular choice for patients seeking to replace missing teeth. Full-arch dental implant cases require precise planning and execution to achieve optimal results. X-Nav Technologies has developed a groundbreaking 3D Live technology, the X-Guide, that can significantly improve the accuracy and outcomes of full-arch dental implant cases. In this blog, we will discuss how using the X-Guide computer guided dental implant system can help dental professionals with full-arch dental implant cases and improve results for patients and how Dr. Penhaskashi is utilizing X-Nav Technologies in Encino, California to improve care of his patients.

What is the X-Guide from X-Nav Technologies?

The X-Guide is a dynamic 3D navigation system that enables real-time, computer guided, visualization of the drill position during dental implant surgery. The system uses cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral scanning to create a precise 3D map of the patient’s mouth. The X-Guide then uses this map to guide the dental implant drill in real-time, ensuring that the implant is placed precisely and accurately.

How can the X-Guide improve full-arch dental implant cases?

Full-arch dental implant cases can be complex, and traditional implant placement methods may not be accurate enough to navigate around the ridge deficient arch to achieve optimal results. X-Guide computer guided dental implants can significantly improve the accuracy of implant placement in full-arch cases by providing real-time feedback to the clinician.

Improved accuracy

The X-Guide’s dynamic navigation technology allows clinicians to precisely position the implant in the desired location. This precision ensures that the implant is placed at the correct depth and angle, resulting in optimal stability and long-term success. The X-Guide also reduces the risk of implant misplacement, which can lead to implant failure, bone loss, and other complications.

Digital image on a tv screen from the x-guide system by x-nav technologies

The X-Guide from X-Nav used by Dr. Penhaskashi can have many benefits for the patient, including increased accuracy in dental implant placement and decreased surgical time.

Reduced surgery time

The X-Guide from X-Nav Technologies can help reduce surgery time by enabling the clinician to complete the procedure more quickly, efficiently, and safely. The system provides real-time feedback to the clinician, allowing them to adjust the drill’s position and angle as needed. This precision reduces the need for multiple drill passes, shortening the surgery time and reducing patient discomfort.

Improved patient outcomes

The X-Guide can significantly improve patient outcomes in full-arch dental implant cases. Precise implant placement reduces the risk of implant failure and bone loss, ensuring that the implant remains stable and functional for many years. Patients who receive implants placed using the X-Guide experience less discomfort and a shorter recovery time, resulting in a more positive overall experience.

The X-Guide computer-guided dental implant system from X-Nav Technologies is a game-changing technology that can significantly improve the accuracy and outcomes of full-arch dental implant cases. By providing real-time feedback to the clinician and enabling precise implant placement, the X-Guide can reduce surgery time and improve patient outcomes. If you are a dental professional looking to improve your full-arch dental implant cases, consider incorporating the X-Guide into your practice.

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