Dental Hygiene: Doorway to Oral Health

The advances in technology have made dentistry a more viable option for patients than ever before. The prevention of dental issues and gum disease remains the foundation of Dr. Penhaskashi’s specialty care. Dr P has focused his practice on minimally invasive treatment approaches which are the least invasive for best patient care such as laser periodontal therapy (LANAP and LAPIP), the Pinhole technique to help to resolve gum recession especially for esthetics and Computer live guided system for precise and least invasive dental implant procedures.

Why Dental Hygiene Visits?

Dental hygiene appointment

Dental hygiene appointments allow for your dental professional to fully evaluate your oral health and provide comprehensive treatment recommendations

Dr. Penhaskashi and his specialty hygiene team believe that a proper dental hygiene regimen and regular dental hygiene maintenance of the teeth and the implants will not only prevent major issues from occurring but also reduce the need for invasive procedures down the road and allow a patient to save his or her natural teeth and dental implant for a lifetime!

The American Dental Association provides many key tips to maintaining good oral hygiene on its website here. Furthermore, it is important to note that dental hygiene visits provide more than simple teeth cleaning. They provide a framework for the oral health care team to diagnose, manage, and treat oral health concerns immediately and in the future.

To schedule your next hygiene appointment with one of our incredible specialty hygienists, call us at 818-788-7091 and get your oral health moving in the right direction with Dr. Penhaskashi!

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