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LANAP® Treatment: Laser Surgery for Gum Disease in Encino, CA

The LANAP® protocol with Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi is the exclusive FDA cleared laser surgery for gum disease treatment in Encino, CA that is more tolerable than osseous surgery, has fewer side effects, and reinforces bone support to help prevent tooth loss.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

  • Laser gum disease treatment is gentle.
  • Diseased tissue is removed without a scalpel. 
  • Bleeding and swelling are negligible. 
  • Infection is rare. 
  • Laser targets disease with better accuracy and dependable outcomes. 
  • The gum line remains intact – no recession results from treatment.
  • Connective tissue reattaches naturally without sutures. 
  • The typical recovery period is one day or less. 
  • Laser grows new bone to support your natural teeth.

What is LANAP® Laser Gum Disease Treatment?

Gum disease affects millions and is linked to all kinds of additional health problems, including heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and low birth weight infants. Yet, despite the risks, many avoid gum disease treatment because it can be very unpleasant. With traditional gum disease surgery, a scalpel is used to cut the gum line so that it can be peeled back to expose the diseased tissue for removal. Traditional gum disease treatment can also cause significant gum recession, requiring corrective surgeries afterward.

The LANAP® laser protocol with Dr. Penhaskashi makes receiving gum disease treatment less stressful than ever before. Fully cleared by the FDA for safety and effectiveness, LANAP® treatment stops bacterial infections with improved accuracy and fewer side effects. Dr. Penhaskashi uses a state of the art dental laser called the PerioLase® MVP-7™ to eliminate bacteria and infection, and restore gums to a healthier state with minimal bleeding and swelling and no gum recession. Reattachment of the healthy gum tissue to the root surfaces is also accomplished naturally – no sutures required – for a faster, more tolerable healing period without prescription pain medication. LANAP® laser treatment is backed by significant scientific studies to reduce periodontal pocket depths and help stop tooth loss. Laser stimulates bone growth so teeth that may have been at risk of needing extraction due to bone loss have a better chance of survival.

For these reasons, the LANAP® protocol is fast becoming the preferred method of treating moderate to severe gum disease. Call now to schedule your consultation with Dr. Penhaskashi regarding laser surgery for gum disease in Encino, CA.
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