Implants Mean Long-Term Savings

Factors That Affect Implant Cost

There are many things that can affect dental implant cost. We will work hard to offer financing options to ensure you get the care you need!

Factors That Affect Cost:

  • How Many Teeth Are Involved
  • If There Is Bone Loss
  • What Type of Procedure You're Having
  • If There is a Sinus Lift Required
  • If There is Periodontal Disease Present
  • If You Need Extractions
  • If You Are Edentulous

Dental Implants Cost in Encino, CA

Dental implants cost in Encino, CA is never quite the same for every patient, as varying factors can have an impact on the overall treatment plan. A consultation and exam with implant specialist Dr. Alfred Penhaskashi is necessary in determining which factors will affect your total tooth implant cost.

Common Factors that Affect Tooth Implant Cost

  • Number of implants used 
  • The type of implant procedure 
  • Any required ancillary procedures

How to Estimate Tooth Implant Cost
Number of Implants and Time

The first and most obvious factor affecting tooth implant cost is implant quantity. More implants will increase your costs not only for materials involved but the time Dr. Penhaskashi requires to examine your mouth and jaw bone to develop a sound treatment strategy.

Other Procedures

Sometimes a patient will need additional treatment prior to implant surgery, which will increase the final tooth implant cost. Such procedures may include:

Bone grafting: If you have very low bone density or significant loss, dental implants will not work. Implants require a certain amount of bone tissue, so Dr. Penhaskashi may need to perform bone grafting first.

Gum Disease: Dental Implants cannot be placed in patients with active gum disease. If you have gum disease, Dr. Penhaskashi will need to treat it first, most likely with laser therapy. Laser treatment is billed separately.

Extractions: Hopeless teeth will need to be extracted before implant surgery, which may be in addition to your tooth implant cost.

Sinus lift: If you have tooth loss in the upper molar areas, there could be some bone damage as well, which is common. If so, a sinus lift procedure may be required before dental implant surgery. This will increase the tooth implant cost.

Type of Implant Procedure

Dr. Penhaskashi can use dental implants in different ways to meet various needs and budgets. Implant supported dentures work for some patients while others may choose implants at each missing tooth location. Each procedure is billed accordingly.

Your own dental implants costs in Encino, CA can only be determined after an examination. Please call today for a consultation with Dr. Penhaskashi.
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