Case Studies

Dental Implant with an amazing cosmetic outcome

Patient was referred for a periodontal evaluation of tooth #8 which has a history of resorption and root canal treatment. Unfortunately, the resorption had already involved the facial bone and lead to moderate to advance facial attachment loss. The site required ridge augmentation with careful soft tissue management for best esthetic outcome. Patient was super happy with the outcome of the correction of the soft tissue defect, a great preservation of the soft tissue and a beautiful final esthetic correction restoration.

LANAP with Through and Through Furcation

Patient presented with a generalized mild to moderate and localized advance periodontal disease. The immediate concern was the tooth #30 which had presented with a very advanced through and through furcation and attachment loss, 9 to 10mm deep probings into the furcation, no mobility and guarded to poor prognosis.

A laser assisted periodontal flap surgery was performed combined with regenerative biomaterial (Emdogain).Tooth #30 has responded extremely well with a complete clinical closure of the furcation, reduction of the probing depth down to 2 to 4mm and an incredible radiographic sign of attachment regeneration in the furcation within 8 months.

Failed Implant

Patient was referred because of being frustrated from having infection around her lower mandibular implants. She presented with an acute peri-implantitis which included a fractured implant. The infection and implants were removed, successfully grafted and restored with two implants which supported a fixed prosthesis. Patient was extremely happy with the outcome.

Sinus Augmentation Maxillary Left and Multiple Implants

Patient was diagnosed with recurrent decay around tooth #13 and a compromised restorative prognosis. The bridge had to be removed and tooth #13 had to be replaced. Sinus augmentation was performed and the bridge was held on temporarily while the sinus healed for 6 months. At a later date, the bridge was removed, and the implants were placed at sites #13 and #14. The sinus augmentation healed very well with a favorable density of bone and with great anchored implant. Patient was very happy that the bridge was retained temporarily and only removed towards the end of the treatment. The final x-ray reflects on the a wonderful sinus augmentation and two beautifully restored implants.

Implants with Augmentations


Patient was referred soon after the extraction of tooth #4 for implant replacement of missing teeth #3 and #4. A large vertical and horizontal deficient ridge was presented which needed an advance combination of ridge augmentation and sinus augmentation. The implant healed very well in the augmented bone. A sliding pedicle flap was performed to also augment the buccal soft tissue volume around the implant. The patient was very happy with the healthy outcome of her new teeth.



Patient was referred with suppuration from around the implant at site #5 which had been  stable for many years. He was diagnosed to have an acute peri-implantitis which had compromised the implant, and the implant was at risk to be lost. A laser assisted peri-implant surgical disinfection was performed with NO cutting and No bone grafting, which was extremely effective, provided an amazing outcome, lead to healthier peri-implant mucosa and a great regeneration of the bone around the implant. Patient was very happy with the outcome and happy to not lose the implant.


Patient presented with severe recession associated with inadequate attached gingiva and thin biotype. A Pinhole sub-epithelial tunneling technique was successfully performed.





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